Connect4humanity (C4H) is a non-profit organization of creatives that use the influence of beauty and fashion to network, inspire and give back to the community. We host large-scale collaborative events to raise awareness, educate and spread hope using creative arts throughout Central Ohio. Our group initially started with a handful of local artists but has significantly grown to approximately 300 members. We work with a variety of artistsincluding models, photographers, videographers, hair stylists, make-up artists, bloggers, designers, and more.  Our recruiters are consistently scouting new faces and talent that will bring value to the team.  We offer internships and mentoring programs for the beginners and paid opportunities for experienced talent. 

In the past nine months we have grown to over 300 members, gained many partnerships, donated over $6000 to local charities, and obtained a studio space so we can offer more creative options for our members.  Our Central Ohio location will allow us to expand our network, grow our resources and provide a multitude of educational workshops, seminars, and a home base for creative planning.  

The industry can be a scary place for those that are eager to advance but lack the knowledge and resources to succeed.  Today's generation is influenced greatly by celebrities, media and fashion.  Connect4Humanity uses that same influence to focus on inner beauty, positivity and to impact change in our community. 

It's the collaborative efforts that make it possible to produce the moments and experiences that ignite others to want to know more. The superior quality that is produced at our events is what drives the demand, but the it's the integrity of our brand and the people that sustains excellence. 

Our leaders are fully invested in shaping the culture to be more collaboration and less competition.  Our continuous improvement model and supporting efforts have inspired artists to new levels of achievement and success.