We MAKE ART.  We help others.


Simple as that.  We have spent long hours trying to come up with a the best way to describe what we do but its exactly that.  We make art.  We help others.  

We need more collaboration and less competition,  Knowing where to start and who to trust is the  biggest challenge. It's hard to know how to recognize the difference between genuine advice and being taken advantage of.  Today's generation is influenced greatly by the media, celebrities, and fashion.  What if we were able to use that same influence to inspire others, focus on our inner beauty, and give back to the community? Our initial goal was to provide a safe place to collaborate and network with other local artists.   Once we started to build relationships and meet other professionals with the same passion to make art and help others, everything just seemed to fall into place.  Connect4Humanity does more than create art, we give art a purpose.
 We provide amazing networking opportunities while professionally developing you into the best person you can be.  We  host well-organized and well-marketed events in order to help financially support  and spread hope to a variety of charities, causes and outreach programs throughout Central Ohio.  

A portion of the proceeds from each creative collaboration event will be used to benefit humanitarian services and programs in your local area.